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As a security guard owner/operator, Whitehaven Advisors offers you specialized business services with thought leadership, guidance and proven business solutions from industry experts who can help you objectively identify opportunities and strategies for increasing the growth, profitability and value of your business.

Company Health Check/Diagnostic

The first step for effective strategy development and planning is understanding your Company’s current business condition – its strengths, weaknesses and capabilities. Whitehaven’s clinical approach analyzes your organization’s functions, operations and processes using ValGuard©, our proprietary diagnostic and valuation method with curated industry metrics to provide an objective picture of your Company’s health which helps you identify and rank actions needed and opportunities for improvement.

Business Strategy/Planning

Often companies fail to reach the next level in their growth curve because there was no roadmap for the steps needed. Whitehaven provides extensive experience and guidance with resources for assisting your company in developing the right marketing strategies for a successful business plan. Typically, this begins with a SWOT exercise (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) followed by a process involving all the key planning elements; defining goals and objectives, identifying target markets with appropriate service and pricing strategies, preparing a mission statement, organization and resource planning and conducting competitive analysis. The final step includes preparing the financial plan with detailed assumptions, projections, cash flows and a budget – essential for management controls and maximizing credit for borrowing needs.

Government Contracting

Contracting your company’s security services with the federal government offers additional growth opportunities as well as stability to collections, cash flow and lower credit risk for your lenders.  Whitehaven provides expert guidance with detailed step-by-step and support for getting started whether your company can participate as a prime contractor or qualifies under SBA rules for 8a set-aside subcontracting.  Services include strategy and plan development, targeting opportunities in specific Departments and Agencies, RFP bidding and proposal guidance and compliance support.

Integration Strategies/Pricing

Advances in security technologies including video surveillance now enable small to medium-size guard companies to offer the same integrated solutions (hybrid services) comparable to the major providers. Whitehaven has been extensively involved with leading developers and providers of key technologies including video management systems with AI/analytics, SOC platforms and integration of these systems with existing workforce management software including guard mobile applications. Whitehaven can assist and guide your company in choosing the most suitable marketing approaches for integrating the right technologies with your guard and patrol service business – including pricing strategies for reducing your client’s annual contract costs, improving service performance and increasing your margins.